What We Affirm

As part of the Episcopal Church we affirm that... 

We are part of the Jesus Movement and followers of The Way of Christ Jesus who affirm God as the Holy Trinity: 

Divine Godhead (Mother & Father Creator) 

Eternal Word (Jesus, the Holy Child of God) 

Holy Spirit (Breath of Life, Breath of the Divine) 

God is love and God welcomes the seeker, the skeptic, the doubter on all stages of their life, faith, and spirituality. 

  • As in the journey of life, the journey of faith and spirituality can be one of strong and passionate belief, but it can also mean periods of deep seeking and soul searching, and times of great skepticism and doubt. 

The Christian Bible is, to us, Holy Scripture, containing the Hebrew Scriptures, and the New Testament of Jesus Christ. 

  • We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. 

Emmanuel approaches faith with an open mind and a heart for people, animals, and the environment Worship is grounded in Baptism and Eucharist (Baptism is God's initiation of us. Eucharist means, "Thanksgiving." The Holy Eucharist is sometimes called, the "Mass," "Holy Communion," or "The Lord's Supper) 

Church life means, to us, a Sacramental life

  • Sacramental rites mean that we take outward and visible things and ask God to make them holy representations of the inward and the spiritual grace of The Divine. That may sound heavy, and kind of intense, however we affirm God as always loving, inclusive, welcoming, and gentle, and we try to be that way as well in all that we do! 
  • Baptism is the foundation of our life in Jesus Christ and is the basis of all that we do as Christians. We acknowledge and encourage periods of discernment, seeking, doubting, education, & formation as parts of the path to baptism
  • We affirm that in corporate & community prayer, the ordinary elements of water, oil, and light (in Baptism) and bread & wine (in Eucharist) become the physical, actualized, life-giving gifts of God's healing, transforming grace

A Sacramental life also recognizes and affirms other sacramental spiritual markers in our journey of faith. These include:

Confirmation (the adult affirmation of our baptismal vows and a unique invitation of the Spirit of God) 

Reconciliation of a Penitent (private confession as a means of freeing ourselves for God and our Neighbor) 

Matrimony (gender-inclusive Christian marriage - including the full embrace of the LGBTQI community) 

Orders (ordination and setting-apart of people as deacons, priests, & bishops for the world and the church) 

Unction (anointing with oil those who are sick in body, mind, or spirit | anointing the dying for their final journey) 

We acknowledge the brokenness of creation and of humankind and we wish to make things pono (right and just). 

  • We look for ongoing opportunities for self-reflection and consideration of the need for amendment of life
  • We affirm that humanity is made in the image and likeness of God and through the forgiveness of sins (sins being all that weighs us down and keeps us from each other and from God) we can find wholeness and reconciliation. 
  • We await the life everlasting, the life eternal as a resurrection into the nearer presence of the transcendent life of the Divine God. 
  • We strive to gently live as each day was our last on earth, loving God, loving self, loving neighbor
  • We strive to respect the dignity of every human being by embodying the loving, liberating, life-giving way of Jesus
  • We want to tell the truth about church, race, & sexuality, rewrite the narrative, form all Episcopalians as reconcilers and healers, and repair & restore institutions and society

Our worship and liturgy retains ancient structure and traditions, and we affirm the inclusive ordination of ministers

  • We recognize three "orders" of ordained ministry: our "pastors" are bishops, priests, and deacons
  • The Episcopal Church welcomes all people to be ordained no matter what gender, & no matter their sexuality
  • Lay people (those not called to ordination) exercise a vital role in the governance and ministry of our Church

We celebrate our unity in Christ while honoring our differences, always striving to put the work of love before uniformity of opinion. We celebrate God-given gifts of reason, and intellect, and enjoy the fostering of new ideas and dreams! 

All are welcome to find a spiritual home in The Episcopal Church - there are no outcasts here!