Pray On Your Own

The hallmark of Christian faith is a firm and committed relationship with Jesus Christ.  There is no way around it, this takes time and effort on our parts. Developing a pattern of daily prayer is the best way to make this relationship grow. It's as simple as talking to Jesus - out loud or to yourself, it makes no difference.  An informal way to pray is at the end of the day to simply share your life with Jesus. Share your joys and your challenges, ask for help, say thank you.

You can follow a more formal pattern by saying daily Morning and Evening Prayer. A good daily prayer book is this one from Forward Movement Press or you can use the Book of Common Prayer. You can also find many resources for on-line daily prayer, some delivered to your e-mail address, others as podcasts you can subscribe to.

Many people make prayer beads or use stones and shells or other natural items as reminders of prayer. A good pattern to follow is to praise God, give thanks to God, ask forgiveness for your sins, pray for others, and then pray for your own needs. You'll find that by saving prayers for yourself for last, you'll be more tuned in to what you really need and want in life and what you have to offer life in return.