What to Expect

We know it's a challenge to walk into something new and we hope this page will answer some of your questions. 

What time is worship? The Sunday worship service begins at 10:00 am. 

How do I get there and where should I park? We are located on Keolu Drive, just east of Enchanted Lake Elementary School. Walk, take the #57 bus, or drive and park in the main lot or in the pre-school playground to your left. You'll be greeted at the door by an usher who will give you a bulletin and invite you to sign our guest book. It's there that you can indicate if you are just travelling through, or if you would like more information or a call from the priest. 

What should I wear? Whatever is comfortable. People wear everything from shorts to dresses to slacks to mu'umu'u. What matters is that you are here. 

What is worship like? You will be given a bulletin that lays out the whole service. We will sing, pray, listen to lessons, hear a sermon, sing and pray some more, and celebrate Holy Eucharist, which is the Lord's Supper. We worship in a variety of ways--you'll see some people kneeling, others standing, some making the sign of the cross and some not. Do what is comfortable for you and try different things from week to week by skimming the Book of Common Prayer found in the chair racks with the hymnals. You are welcome to participate in as much or as little as you like. 

Will I have to stand up and say my name? No! There may be an opportunity to introduce yourself, however it is not required. Do introduce yourself to those sitting near you. At the sharing of The Peace you will likely be greeted by many new friends. A handshake and the words "Peace be with you" are appropriate. Please be sure to sign our guest book before you leave. 

What are the Ho`omaika`i Bowl and the Little Church? At Emmanuel we share a custom of celebrating the blessings of our lives with our church community. At the appropriate time a lay leader will invite people to come forward and share their blessings. Some will bring small monetary gifts and put them in the wooden Ho`omaika`i (blessing) bowl. These thank offerings go to our various outreach efforts, but please know that a donation is not required to share a blessing! On the last Sunday of the month we bring out the Little Church (a koa replica of our sanctuary) and people are invited to give thank offerings for their birthdays or for the birthdays of their family and friends. Again, donations are not required, but they do go to outreach. 

What about the offering plate? As a newcomer, please let the offering plate go by and be our guest. Once you settle in you'll do as members do, give joyfully in gratitude to God to support the ongoing work of the church. To make regular contributions, ask to fill out a pledge card. We can even arrange for contributions to be deducted from your bank account. 

Should I receive Holy Communion? It's entirely up to you, but know that all baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion regardless of age or Christian tradition. Simply come forward with everyone else, kneel or stand, and you will be given the bread and the wine. And yes, it is real wine, but if you do not want to receive it just cross your arms over your chest and the minister will just say the words to you. We are happy to bring communion to your seat if need be. The priest is also happy to offer a blessing if you are more comfortable with that option. 

Speaking of the sermon, how long is it? The sermon is offered by the priest and it usually consists of a teaching and commentary on the lessons of the day. It lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and the congregation is always welcome to respond by phone or e-mail during the following week. 

What about bathrooms and other comforts? The bathroom is located around the corner from the front door. In the lobby of the church you'll find a water cooler and a hospitality table with tissues and hard candy if you need them. 

More questions? We invite you to browse this website and sign up for our weekly enews here. You can reach us by phone at (808) 262-4548 or by email.