4th Annual Merry Little Kailua Christmas

A heartfelt MAHALO to everyone who donated, sponsored, volunteered and attended the 4th Annual Merry Little Kailua Christmas and Holiday Sharing Drive-By! All guests of the Merry Little Kailua Christmas enjoyed a full meal and treats. Every child received a gift, and every family was gifted groceries and gift cards. Families with babies were gifted diapers and wipes! We hope everyone left with fun memories! Please join us as we continue to spread joy this holiday season and beyond! Stay tuned for next year!


    The 4th Annual Kailua Chamber of Commerce Holiday Sharing Drive-By and
    Merry Little Kailua Christmas!

    The Merry Little Kailua Christmas Party is a partnership between the Kailua Chamber of Commerce, generous supporters, tireless volunteers, and Emmanuel Episcopal Church. Our goal is to spread the Joy of Christmas! If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Young Soldat (KCOC) at 808-255-3477 or lynns@cbrealty.com. Or contact Emmanuel Church at 808-262-4548 or office@emmanuelkailua.org.