Mahalo for the Christmas MAGIC Kailua!

Many thanks to the Kailua Chamber of Commerce for their partnership, and to the generous businesses and individuals of Kailua for making
the Merry Little Kailua Christmas event possible!

Adventist Health Castle Employees, Jesse Seibel and Chaplain Sara-May Colon

Alexander & Baldwin—Meagan Oppenheim, Jamie Shelton, Michelle Hickerson

Ali McMahon & Parker Moosman—Olive & Oliver

Ardis Eschenberg and Staff—Windward Community College

Asia Marie Di Antonio and Danny—Kidzart Hawaii

Ben Marumoto

Benna Ball

Betsy Esposito—Enchanted Lake Safeway

Bobbi Morelli—Coldwell Banker Realty

Brad Hironaka—HI Property Management LLC for N. Harada Properties

(Pali Bottle Shoppe)

Brandhi Wright—Dominos Pizza

Brandon Tavares—Ben Franklin

Cameron Spencer

Carol Paris—KCOC

Carolee & Mike Emerson

Catherine Sato—KCOC/Bank of Hawaiʻi

Charlotte Toguchi

Cheryl Abe

Chris and Ron Sargent—Baci Bistro

Colin Tolbert-Smith

Cyndia Pilkington—Coldwell Banker Realty

Dalton Sue

Danny Seguirant—KCOC

Darlene Roman—Enchanted Lake Uhaul

Don Robbins—MidWeek

Doug Kreul—Windward Jewelers

Drew Schnelker—Mid-Pacific Country Club

Ed Chun—New Hope Kailua

Ella Browning

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Volunteers

Erin Sowden

Ernelle & Al Leong

Greg and Patrick Thielen

Heather Di Rocco—Forester Financial

Heather Hatcher and Crew—Sun & Salt Adventures

'Iolani Key Club

Jana and Don Holden—Holden Hospital Supply, Inc.

Joanna and Gem Salazar—KCOC

Joyce Wills

Jules Peleiholani and staff—Senator Jarrett Keohokalole office

Juvy Luna—Finance Factors

Kailua Elks Club Members, Ann Chappell, Paul Vierling

Our Kailua Community Donors

Kailua Nail Care—Martha

Kamaka Jingao—Medicare

Kelly O’Sullivan—Windward Mall

Krueger Family

Launa Pasen and Mae Lopez

Lisa Martin—District 51 Representative

Lizel Ziegar—KCOC

Lori MacKenzie

Lynn and Mike Soldat—KCOC

Margarita Artega—Coldwell Banker Realty

Maureen Purington and Volunteers—Boys & Girls Club Windward

Merriam Family

Michael Albanese

Michele & Allen Thach

Michelle Regets

Michael Fry—KCOC

Pamela Whitfield—KCOC

Paul Nachtigall

Pete Castillejos—USA Mortgage Hawaii

Pua McElhaney—Enchanted Lake Elementary School

Puna Nam—Cinnamon's Restaurant

Rachel Fowler—Hardware Hawaiʻi

Rebecca Cummings—KCOC

Remedios Family

Rob Reisch—KCOC

Robin Greeley

Sarita Corn—Hawaii Hearts

Scott Adams—Better Home & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty

Senator Jarrett Keohokalole, Staff, and Volunteers

Sherree McKellar

Tonokawa Family

Zac Gaynor—Central Pacific Bank Kailua

Together with our guests, we experienced the magic of Christmas!